Configuring Doctrine Key-Value Store

Nice features a basic Doctrine Key-Value Store bridge that integrates the two, exposing a few useful services.

Note: Currently the only supported storage is the DoctrineCacheStorage. This means that the Cache extension must be configured for the Doctrine Key-Value Store to work correctly.

First, add the Nice Doctrine Key-Value extension to your project. You can do this by updating your composer.json or running composer require at the command line.

  • Example composer.json:

        "require": {
            "nice/framework": "~1.0",
            "nice/doctrine-key-value": "1.0.x-dev",
            "doctrine/key-value-store": "dev-master",

    Then run composer update at the command line.

  • Using the composer command line tool

    composer require nice/doctrine-key-value:1.0.x-dev doctrine/key-value-store:dev-master

Once Doctrine Key-Value Store and the Nice extension are installed, open your front controller (usually web/index.php) and add the following:

use Nice\Extension\DoctrineKeyValueExtension;

// ...

$app = new Application();
$app->appendExtension(new DoctrineKeyValueExtension(array(
    'key_value' => array(
        'mapping' => array(
            'paths' => '%app.root_dir%/src',

Two new services will now be available:

  • doctrine.key_value.entity_manager is the EntityManager. It is an instance of Doctrine\KeyValueStore\EntityManager.
  • doctrine.key_value.configuration is the Configuration instance for the entity manager.

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