Configuring the Cache

Passing false as the third parameter of Nice\Application constructor will disable caching. The cache directory will be null if caching is disabled, which can be checked in your own code.


use Nice\Application;

// ...

$app = new Application('prod', true, false);

// Caching is disabled; the Cache Directory is null.
assert($app->getCacheDir() === null);

// or by calling isCacheEnabled
assert($app->isCacheEnabled() === false);

Additionally, the following parameters are available:

  • app.cache will be true if caching should be enabled, false otherwise
  • app.cache_dir will be the path to the cache directory, or null if caching should be disabled.

Tip: For further information on actually using the cache, see the Cache extension documentation.

And now?

Knowing what's going on with your application is key. Configure logging to get the details on what your application is up to.

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